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FAQ Articles

A word in my log text is wrong. Why?

Daily Log uses Amazon's Alexa voice-to-text for dictation. This technology is not perfect. Also, although other voice-to-text technologies translate punctuation words into punctuation characters, Alexa does not. The Daily Log skill simply saves whatever text Alexa sends, and we have no control over the voice-to-text technology itself.

Account Linking: Why It's Important

When you enable an Alexa skill, Amazon generates a random user id code. If you do not link an account, this random user id is used by Daily Log to save your log entries. Unfortunately, if you disable Daily Log and re-enable it, a new random user id code will be generated, and there will be no way to obtain the previous user id. So your previous log entries will be lost.

If you create a free account on this website, you can link that account to the Daily Log skill. This will cause your logs will be stored under your linked account instead of the random user id. So if you disable and re-enable the Daily Log skill, you can reconnect your previous logs by simply re-linking to your account.

Do you read or analyze my log data?

No, absolutely not. There are absolutely no data mining, data analysis, or any form of reporting being produced on the Daily Log contents. In short, the logs are never read by any human or program. Furthermore, we at EKlecticCore are not only the developers of the skill, we are also users. And we deeply value our own, as well as our users' privacy.

Tips and shortcuts

Some of Daily Log's features can be accessed when you launch it. Here are some of our favorite shortcuts.

Alexa, open Daily Log and access 1234
We love this shortcut's ability to access our private logs from the get-go!

Alexa, ask Daily Log for help with something
Daily Log contains a lot of built-in help information accessible with this command. If Daily Log understands the something you're looking for, help info will be played. Some of the current help includes reading, linking, and commands.


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