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More Can Email Pro send email?

Yes, Email Pro can send email repli...More...

More Does Email Pro send targeted ads based on my emails?

NO, absolutely NOT....More...

More Does Email Pro work with Google/GMail accounts?

The short answer is, yes, IF you have the techn...More...

More Does Email Pro work with Outlook/Office365 accounts?

The short answer is that NO IMAP CLIENT...More...

More How do I stop others in my home from accessing my Email Pro account on Alexa?

For those in households who wish to protect the...More...

More How is my email setup data secured?

We at EKlecticCore.com are security-conscious. The...More...

More I told Email Pro to EMPTY TRASH, but my Trash folder still has messages?

First, emptying the trash is a premium feature ...More...


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